Inside Spain’s Most Famous Cities


is one of the most visited Spanish regions. Due to its large variety of tourist attractions, Jaen is the perfect place to have great holidays.

This is an amazing region that is located in the south-central region of Spain.

It covers an area of 424.30 km2 (163.8 sq. mi) and its capital is the city of Jaen, the least populated Andalusian capital because it has only about 120,021 inhabitants.

Jaen is a region where you can find traits of different cultures such as Roman, Visigoths and Arabic culture: some examples are the monuments, such as Castillo de Santa Catalina (Santa Catalina Castle.)


Jaen is also known worldwide as the Capital of olive oil because this region has the largest plantations of olive groves in all of Spain.

Jaen cuisine is also known as one of the most delicious in Spain. Its main ingredient is the olive oil.

You can eat many exotic dishes from all over Spain in Jaen’s restaurants: mainly Andalusian dishes.

Some of the most representative dishes are “Ajilimójili”, “Espinacas al estilo de Jaen”, “Pipinarra”, “Arroz a la Jaen” and “Ajo blanco a la Jaen”.

As we can see, there are thousands reasons to visit this amazing city; so, if you are planning to travel to Spain, make sure to include Jaen as one of your ultimate destinations.

Area 424.30 km 2 (163.8 sq mi)
 Elevation 573 m (1,880 ft)
 Population 120,021
 Density 282.9/km 2 (732.6/sq mi)
 Demonym Jiennense
 Official language Spanish
 Capital The city of Jaen

Jaen weather is the typical Mediterranean weather with different subtypes, among which we can mention Continental, Mild and subtropical.

Due to its variety of climates, there are different activities for tourists that visit the city in any season of the year.

It is not rare to see 20 degrees difference at the same time. The maximum average annual temperature is about 22.1ºC and the minimum is about 11.8 ºC.

Jaen summers are very hot that is why temperatures can rise until 40 ºC some days.

However, Jaen winters are very cold where temperature can reach 3ºC, so if you want to visit Jaen in winter, do not forget your coat.

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